We’ve been here since VHS. Since 1979 Lone Peak Productions has been producing and telling brand stories through video in the Salt Lake Valley, along the Wasatch Front, and across the entire United States. Though times, equipment, techniques, and more have changed, one thing has remained constant: unique solutions and the highest quality video production is the only thing we do, no matter the budget.

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Pre-Production & Creative Direction

The success of any project begins where it begins. Collaboration at the outset to gain and understanding of vision, goals, and target audience lays a strong foundation for the creative process. Detailed scripting, storyboarding, creative direction and logistical planning leads to smooth production and post-production, making this the most important piece of the puzzle.

Creative Direction
Location Scouting
Budget Planning & Production


Next, we bring the creativity and vision to life through state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled team of professionals. With a focus on precision and innovation, we ensure that each frame aligns seamlessly with the vision, resulting in a visually stunning and engaging final product.

Sound Recording
Set Design


Finally, we meticulously refine and enhance the raw footage, weaving together the cohesive narrative to tell our story. We use our team’s combined talents to seamlessly integrate graphics, effects, and sound, ensuring a polished and immersive viewing experience. Through color grading, sound design, and meticulous attention to detail; we create a final product that tells the creative story and completes the vision.

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Typography Design
Color Grading
Sound Design & Music

Full-Service Agency Services

But a video is so much more than just a video. It is part of an organizations’ larger brand ecosystem and a without a strategy to get the message in front of the right audiences, it’ll never get viewed. Through a partnership with out sister-agency Redirect, a full-service creative + digital marketing agency, we can help connect amply your message.

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Branding & Brand Strategy
Digital Marketing & Advertising
Media Buying
Website Design & Development
Social Media

July 12, 2024
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