Salt Lake City’s Video Production Company

Based in Salt Lake City Utah, Lone Peak Video Productions is an award-winning, full service video production company that can take your video production from concept to completion. We take pride in offering the best in scriptwriting, shooting, editing, and duplication. Whether you are looking for Video, Film, or High Definition Video, Lone Peak Video Productions has the expertise and facility to define your award winning project.


Salt Lake City Post Production Services

Our experience and technical expertise will not only give you the best final product but it allows us to offer you a whole-project-perspective.

From concept through completion, we work with your end goal in mind.

Our thinking about post production begins during production where we can anticipate and avoid problems. Once the post production process begins, we use non-linear editing systems to work closely with you as creative collaborators not just editors.


HD Post Production Edit Studios

Each of our three edit studios are fully equipped to handle your project in an uncompressed video environment, so that your project stays as vibrant and crisp as the original video or film footage. Need to cut an HD spot? All 3 studios are also equipped for high definition video.

Equipment is nothing without talent, this is why we have the best editors in the state.