The fabric of any great story is a well-written script. Our internal team of seasoned writers and network of experienced professionals can craft storylines to meet the needs and the demands of your specific project.


Our producers will work closely with you to ensure that the entire team is aligned on the vision for the project before we begin production. Once a final script has been approved, our designers can create a storyboard that details each shot and scene. This process helps us ensure that every single shot, recording, and animation fits together in the edit. This process can also save time and money and creates a more efficient production.

Set Design, Location Scouting, and Logistics

Finding the right location, or working to make your facility ready for production, is critical to the success of any high-quality video project. Our team has been working for decades to find or create the perfect scenes. If we’re shooting in one of our two studios, our team will help with set design or plates if we shoot on green screen.

For projects that require a specific location, the variety of Utah is our backyard. Our team will provide ideas and solutions to assess the best office within a building or locale within the state. Once a location has been identified, our team can also do the legwork to submit permits, get special insurance, or official clearance permissions for your project. Our team also has experience working with local and national talent agencies, make-up artists, and costume designers to bring your project to life.


State of the Art Cameras and Equipment

Lone Peak Productions is equipped in-house for HD and UHD acquisition. We have a fully-lit insert stage at our primary studio location in downtown Salt Lake City. An auxiliary 4,000 square-foot green screen cove with a DMX controlled with fully-populated light grid is available at our Studio B location. Studio B boasts a control room with an eight-input TriCaster switcher, a full kitchen for craft services or food preparation, a green room, and a client conference room – all within minutes of downtown Salt Lake City. For off-location shoots, our team travels with a fully-equipped production van which includes track and dolly, porta-jib, slider, gimbal camera support, tungsten, florescent and LED lighting packages, sound, and cameras – making any shoot in the Western United States easy and accessible.

Production and Direction

Capturing stunning imagery, at the right location, with the right light is an art. Our team of experienced Producers and Directors work hard to ensure that when we arrive on set, we’re ready to execute your project. Our team comes prepared knowing the script, the location, the equipment needed, and most importantly, what it takes to provide the best possible product at the best possible value.

Post Production


Editing is the final frontier for telling stories in video; blending image and sound to tell the compelling story the team has worked to shoot. With three state-of-the-art editing facilities, our experience and technical expertise ensures that you’ll end up with the best final product.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics and animation can often be the added element that takes an idea or a story to the next level – engaging more people, more intently, for more time. Our in-house team of motion graphics experts and animators can bring almost any idea to reality. We have experience in 3D animations as well as creating video entirely through custom animations.

Color Grading

Lone Peak Productions provides standard post-production services. However, an added element of our services is color correction and color grading. Traditional color correction is often simply changing the hue or contrast in an image or adding a matte. Our technology allows us to identify a color range in an image and to change or modify that color without affecting the rest of the image. This technique can be used to create incredible effects such as making video look more like film or balancing a day shot to feel more like night.


Media Trafficking

Members of our team have decades of experience producing television programs and maintain relationships in the industry. With a final spot or video in hand, our team can traffick television, digital, and radio files on behalf of our clients.

Digital Media Placement

Our team can help you develop a targeted marketing strategy to reach and engage your audience with the video that you’ve just produced.  We have experience in creating digestible 0:07 and 0:15 spots and placing video assets on digital programmatic advertising and social media to drive results. (Offered through a partnership with our sister company, Redirect).

Social Channel Development & Management

Getting the most out of your video content can include utilization on social media.  Our team can help your company develop and manage your social media platforms.  Our services include content creation, editorial calendar development, and post development. We also specialize in promoted posts and paid advertising strategies. (Offered through a partnership with our sister company, Redirect).