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Lone Peak Productions is an Award-Winning,  Full-Service Creative Production Company

Storytelling is an essential element of successful marketing and sales strategies and is an imperative skill to master in order to effectively communicate your business’s value proposition to potential customers, in addition to making complex information more engaging. To incorporate storytelling into your marketing, animation and motion graphics are powerful instruments that can help your company convey a story more comprehensively as well as establish a cohesive brand identity. However, the story is only as good as the execution. Luckily, our specialized team can assist your company with developing custom animations and motion graphics to execute an impeccable story that you’ll want to show your grandma.


Scriptwriting • Storyboards • Set Design, Location Scouting, and Logistics • State of the Art Cameras and Equipment • Production and Direction Editing • Motion Graphics & Animation • Color Grading • Media Trafficking Digital Media Placement • Social Channel Development & Management