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Proud to Announce Our Agency Partnership Program

Powerful Video Services at a Competitive Price

Video is one of the most valuable content forms in the world. It’s not only versatile and engaging, but it’s also easy to understand and allows your audience to step away from the mass amounts of written content that exist in media.

Lone Peak is here to help you offer your clients captivating and high-quality video content. We are introducing a 20 percent discount on all of our services to agencies, production companies, and PR firms. In addition, we have also reduced the price of our Studio B location to $500 a day in order to accommodate for agencies and production companies that already have video capabilities.

We can’t wait to collaborate with you and help bring your next video project to life.


Scriptwriting • Storyboarding • Art Boards


Videography • Photography • Directing • Producing • Lighting • Audio • Technician • Grip


Video Editing • Motion Graphics • Animation • Character Animation • Sound Mixing • Color Grading • Color Correcting