The cartoon Rock

Bob Rock and Paul Furner have been turned into an animated characters. Check them out in this TV spot for Robert J. DeBry:

Happy St. Patrick’s day.

Our Second Studio

Our second studio is coming along great. It has been painted green and we are starting to add the light grid.

Studio B

kinetic typography TV spot

This is a kinetic typography commercial Lone Peak Productions did for Robert J. DeBry. Be sure to watch the Super Bowl to see another kinetic typography spot we did.

Carpet TV Spot

This is a TV spot Lone Peak did for Steve Ogden’s Flooring and Design for Welti-Call.

Lone Peaks day on the beach

Lone Peak Productions created a TV spot for Sizzler of four cast aways craving Sizzler’s delicious all you can eat fish.

Lone Peak Productions was tasked with creating a spot that took place on a tropical island as seen above. Clearly the owner of Lone Peak, Bob Rock misunderstood since he didn’t take his crew to the Caribbean. Instead shot out at the Great Salt Lake when it was raining.



Images below shows crew taking cover from the rain.

SizzlerBeach-09 SizzlerBeach-08 SizzlerBeach-10 SizzlerBeach-12

Luckily Jeremy and Stephen where able to have some fun playing in the sand.







Super Secret “Studio B”

We’re expanding once again! This time, we’ve decided to build a second location, our secret “lair,” which we’ve come to call, “Studio B.” The location is currently so incredibly secret that sometimes we forget what street it’s even on… not that it’s ON a street, it could be up in the mountains or out at the Salt Flats, but wherever it is, it’s a secret! We are allowed to show you how it’s looking inside, though, without even having to threaten to kill anyone afterwards. We’re excited! Well, about getting to show you the progress, not about the killing part. That part was a joke. Anywho, without further ado, here’s a slideshow of “Studio B” in progress!